Fall Color

Fall Shipping Season (Oct. 1 - Dec. 1)
Fall Shipping is for Conifer Seedlings and Transplants only. Deciduous Varieties cannot be dug until they have hardened off properly to ensure maximum growth and survivability for you after planting. This generally does not happen here in Michigan until sometime in December.

Spring Shipping Season (Feb. 1 - May 15)
Bare root stock cannot be dug until the ground thaws. If prearranged orders can be shipped from mid December thru 
the beginning of Febuary.  We must be notified of your needs in advance to allow us to dig and grade your trees immediately after they have

hardened off in early December. We make every attempt possible to ship fresh product and it is for that reason we request ship dates when placing orders. This is to allow us to schedule our early harvest for all trees being shipped before March 1st. Please be patient, we are doing everything possible and will continue until all orders are finished.          



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